Cardiovascular rehabilitation

If it is true that we are faced with an increase in cardiopulmonary pathologies, which are still the main cause of death today, we must not forget that a large percentage of these pathologies are attributable to a limited group of risk factors attributable to an incorrect style of life.
We all know how important it is to monitor our state of health, eat healthy, exercise, do not smoke and know how to control stress but how many of us know how to translate these good proposals into concrete actions of our daily life?

Thus was born the CUOREMA Program recognized by SCPRS for cardiovascular prevention, rehabilitation and sports cardiology. The Cardiovascular Rehabilitation Program is based on the scientific criteria of the most recent guidelines on cardiovascular prevention and on the experience of a Interdisciplinary team of medical specialists:

    • Dr. med. Tania Odello - Cardiologist
    • dr. med. Andrea Zanini - Pulmonologist Consultant
    • dr.ssa med. Nadia Rossinelli e dr.ssa med. Monica Chegai – Medici Internisti
    • Cozzi Rosa dietician
    • a smoking cessation consultant (from the Ticino Pulmonary League)
    • Maggela Taddei psychologist
    • a group of specialized physiotherapists
    • of nurses
    • a clinic dedicated to diabetes mellitus

After thorough diagnostic investigations to assess the presence of cardiovascular risk factors and the possible presence of silent organic damage, a custom program which will lead you towards a gradual change in your lifestyle and a tangible reduction of personal risk of a cardiovascular event.

During the entire course you will be supervised by cardiologist in charge of the project (Dr. med. Tania Odello).

We will help you to preserve your health and rediscover well-being by getting your body back in motion in a safe, healthy and constant way, organizing individual and group activities with outdoor walks, helping you in stress management, in rediscovering the pleasure of a correct diet and supporting you in stopping smoking (remember that scientific studies have shown how each cigarette reduces our life by 15 minutes).