Sport and prevention

CUOREMA has created a proposal aimed at evaluating the cardiovascular system, degree of training, musculoskeletal function, nutrition to exclude possible contraindications to certain types of sports and / or set up a correct training that has the aim not only of improving one's own physical performance but also the health of the cardiovascular system.

SPORT is health when done correctly

By appointment, we perform:

    • Cardiological visit 
    • Transthoracic echocardiogram 
    • Elettrocardiogramma a riposo
    • Stress test on a cycle ergometer or treadmill with lactic acid measurement for the study of the anaerobic threshold
    • Conconi test with or without samples of lactic acid measurement of the anaerobic threshold
    • Physiotherapy evaluation
    • Nutritional advice dedicated to sportsmen
    • Blood analysis
    • Interpretation of the results for a correct planning of one's sporting activity