Cardiological visit

Dr.ssa Tania Odello
Cardiology specialist

Degree in medicine and surgery, 110/110 cum laude. Specialization in Cardiology, grade 70/70 with honors from the School of Specialization in Cardiovascular Diseases of the University of Insubria. I worked for 3 years at theHospitais de Universidade de Coimbra in Portugal and for 2 years at the Cardiocentro Ticino in Lugano. For about 10 years I have been dealing with Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation.

By your side for the health of your heart

By your side for the health of your heart:

    • Visit cardiology
    • 12-lead ECG
    • Transthoracic echocardiogram
    • Stress test on a cycle ergometer or treadmill
    • Measurement of lactate for the study of the anaerobic threshold
    • Conconi test with or without lactic acid samples
    • ECG according to Holter of 24 / hours and 7 days
    • 24 / hour blood pressure monitoring
    • Cardiovascular risk screening
    • Cardiac coherence biofeedback
    • Basic laboratory tests including cholesterol, blood glucose, kidney function, sodium, potassium, urinalysis, complete blood count
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